Think Dunes Starting April 1

Sunset of Silver Lake

As winter fades away, we find our sweet reward for surviving another frigid season: the opening of Silver Lake Sand Dunes. While you may recognize four seasons, around here we only know two: Silver Lake Sand Dunes Season and its offseason.

On April 1st, the only true fools are the ones not at the Silver Lake Sand Dunes celebrating 2,000 acres of ever-changing sand dunes that stretch nearly three miles long and one and a half miles wide. Every year on April 1st, sand-riding enthusiasts descend upon the dunes, nestled in between Lake Michigan and Silver Lake, to celebrate their playground re-opening. And if you can’t make it April 1st? Don’t fret: the dunes remain accessible through October 31st.

But let’s not linger on the closing date – we’re here to revel in its opening. As the season kicks off, there’s much excitement ahead. The northern area of the dunes is reserved for off-road vehicles for sand-driving fun. Don’t have your own and don’t want to miss out on the fun? Good news: there are a handful of locations in the area from which you can rent a vehicle. The center of the dunes essentially functions as one giant sandbox, where visitors can explore and have fun by foot – beaches are also accessible in this area. Finally, the southern end of the dunes is home to Mac Woods Dune Rides, which offers visitors a seven-mile tour of the Silver Lake Sand Dunes. Mac Woods is a Michigan summertime staple and opens May 11th.

The fun isn’t solely found on the dunes and the water, however. The area boasts attractions like Country Dairy, Lewis Farm Market & Petting Zoo, Craig’s Cruisers, golf courses, Rainbow Ranch horseback riding, and much more.

The area also features a full lineup of events and festivals that celebrate everything from the arts to asparagus. View the lineup here.

The Silver Lake Sand Dunes present a unique Michigan excursion. You can connect with nature and really use its beauty for fun. Whether it’s a day-trip adventure for a ride or an extended stay chockfull of riding, golf, swimming and other amusements, you want to ensure a visit is locked into your calendar before Halloween gets here. Start planning here.