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Silver Lake Sand Dunes / Hart

Silver Lake Sand Dunes Area Beaches are known for easy access to Lake Michigan and lack of crowds. Enjoy Silver Lake State Park and the many community beaches in our area. Surrounded by acres of wildlife, impressive sand dunes, an off-road park, and miles of hiking trails and beaches, the Silver Lake sand dunes and Hart, Michigan are must-see Michigan favorites. This area offers exciting adventures and sights that you won’t find anywhere else. The small-town charm of Hart, Michigan, combined with the uniquely beautiful landscape make it the preferred beach vacation destination for many Michigan residents and visitors from across the nation.

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The Silver Lake sand dunes alone are extraordinary features that should not be missed. When you explore Silver Lake State Park, these sprawling sand dunes will transport you to a completely different type of landscape. Climb to the top of these enormous sand dunes and you’ll take in a panoramic view of Lake Michigan unlike any other. At the Silver Lake State Park, you can get a taste of thrills and adventures before your relaxing day at the beach. Roar across a circuit of massive sand dunes in your off-road vehicle before you reach the beach, or park at the top of a dune and join your friends and family to watch an unforgettable sunset over Lake Michigan.

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For a more relaxing beach visit, families and groups have a range of options. Visit Mears State Park near Pentwater to enjoy a relaxing day of swimming, picnicking, and sunbathing. Where Stony Lake meets Lake Michigan you’ll find Benona Township Park, a perfect place for children to swim and families to fish. The 3-acre Cedar Point County Park and Claybanks Township Park provide wooden steps and walkways to help climb the sand dunes and enjoy a spectacular view. To snap an especially scenic lakeside photo while enjoying a day of sunning and swimming, visit the Little Sable Point Lighthouse. This red brick lighthouse is not only a picture-perfect lakeside feature, but also a historic landmark over 150 years old.

Silver Lake Sand Dunes / Hart, MI

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Stay in one of our hotels in Silver Lake or in Hart. Both bring you close to the action. In Hart, Michigan you’ll find quaint, small-town charm mixed with lively summertime excitement. Hart is cozy and walkable, with diners, pubs, shops, restaurants and more lined up on the banks of Hart Lake. If you want to get away from the hustle and bustle of a city, but you don’t want to be far from Lake Michigan, Hart is the perfect place to be. If you want to be closer to Lake Michigan and you’re looking forward to off-road adventures across the Silver Lake dunes, find your hotel, B&B, cottage or camping spot on Silver Lake. From here, you’re only minutes away from the Silver Lake State Park, where you can race your Jeep, dirt bike, or dune buggy across the sand. Silver Lake and Hart, Michigan offer many ways to enjoy the Silver Lake dunes and beaches, with accommodations to suit all budgets and lifestyles.

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In one of our shops, galleries, farm markets, and antique stores in the area. Across Silver Lake, Hart, Pentwater, and Shelby, you’ll find a colorful collection of crafts and shops of all sorts. If you’re looking for special gear to complement your adventures, such as equipment for your camping trip, hiking or bicycling journey, you’ll find a knowledgeable outfitter nearby to help. If you’re looking for souvenirs or special gifts, Hart, Shelby, and Pentwater host a number of unique shops with handmade crafts, beautiful original paintings and sculpture, clothing, jewelry and much more. You’ll also find snacks and sweets to suit all tastes, including Michigan’s famous fudge and taffy, popcorn of all flavors, ice cream, chips and dips, and many more. If you forgot an essential for your trip or you’re looking for a special gift, don’t worry. You can find everything you need in these quaint towns.

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Enjoy farm to table and traditional dining options across Silver Lake, Hart, Pentwater and Shelby, Michigan. Surrounded by acres of farmland and forest, this area of West Michigan takes great pride in Michigan originals. You’ll find a number of snacks, foods and drinks that are special to Michigan, including wine made from Michigan-grown grapes at Fox Barn Winery, and original recipes made from Michigan’s favorite crops, like cherries, blueberries, asparagus, and apples. Sit down at Country Dairy to enjoy Ice Cream and great food made in Michigan Or make reservations for dinner and enjoy a glass of tart cherry wine made from Michigan cherries. From casual lunch spots in Hart, Michigan to elegant dinner locales in Pentwater, Michigan, the flavors of Michigan are rich and decadent in this area.

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Ride the Dunes or try the many watersport options available. Silver Lake and Hart, Michigan offer things to do for all types of vacationers. With eight gorgeous beaches across Lake Michigan, there’s plenty of space to find your own slice of lakefront paradise. The 2,000-acre Silver Lake Sand Dunes State Park is the perfect place for an planned or impromptu adventure. Bring your own off-road-ready vehicle or rent one nearby to race across the sands. You can also reserve a spot on Mac Woods Dune Rides to enjoy the experience with an experienced driver and tour guide to tell you all about the dunes. Hikers will love exploring the dunes, and may find themselves transported to a far-flung, exotic desert they never knew was in their own backyard. Cyclists, runners and walkers can travel across the 22 mile paved Bike trail, surrounded by woodlands.

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Silver Lake Sand Dunes / Hart
West Michigan Pike

The Silver Lake Sand Dunes and Hart, Michigan is the northernmost stop on the historic West Michigan Pike. To make a complete trip and experience all that the West Michigan lakeshore has to offer, many vacationers start their journey here and continue down towards St. Joe. Others travel upwards across the lakeshore, and conclude their trip with a memorable visit to the Silver Lake Sand Dunes. Whichever path you choose, the Silver Lake Sand Dunes and Hart, Michigan should not be missed.

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Silver Lake Sand Dunes / Hart, Michigan

From riding the dunes with Mac Woods Dune Rides to hiking and watersport, Silver Lake Sand Dunes is yours to discover your adventure.