Michigan Beachtown’s
Craft Beverage Trail

Savor the distinct beverages offered by award-winning wineries, breweries and distilleries along the shores of Western Michigan.

Follow Michigan Beachtown’s craft beverage trail for a tasty tour of pure Michigan flavors. You’ll find an abundance of wineries, distilleries and breweries in Western Michigan, all with long lists of original flavors made right here in the Great Lakes State. Traveling along the edge of Lake Michigan, you can complement each craft beverage with fabulous views of the lake. From a sunny patio to a smalltown vineyard, downtown restaurant, lakeshore lunch hotspot, or from your picnic blanket on the beach, there are endless ways to enjoy Lake Michigan wineries, breweries and distilleries.

Cogdal Vineyards

Lake Michigan
Wine Trail

Take a sip of a deep, bold syrah, a light, sweet moscato and everything in between. The Makers Trail offers a long list of flavors to delight every palate. Talented makers from St. Joseph to Silver Lake take great care to grow the best Michigan grapes for a collection of one-of-a-kind wines. Whether you’re looking for a nice evening out, a West Michigan wine tasting trip with friends, or you want to bring home extraordinary wines not found anywhere else, our West Michigan wineries have what you’re looking for. Knowledgeable sommeliers and new wine enthusiasts alike enjoy West Michigan’s many unique and delicious vintages. You may discover your new favorite bottle in a rare, extra sweet ice wine, a tart and zingy cherry wine, or a subtle, dry rosé. The Lake Michigan wine trail is filled with exceptional red and white grape wines, as well as original recipes from Michigan’s favorite native fruits, including apples, cherries, blackberries, blueberries, peaches, raspberries and more. Stop at several locations to make your own West Michigan wine tasting tour or settle at any location along the lakeshore for a wine tasting party.

Western Michigan

If you love the unique blend of bittersweetness in a robust IPA, the creamy foam of a dark stout, and every shade and flavor in between, Western Michigan breweries offer a bevy of beers to thrill your tastebuds. Michigan’s award-winning craft beers are well known across the country and even around the world, and many of these enticing brews come straight from the lakeshore. With exciting new flavors every year and every season, you can create a new craft beer tour at any time of the year. Whether you prefer dark or light beers, stouts or sours, malty or hoppy, sweet or bitter, you’ll find dozens of inventive, original recipes brewed right in West Michigan by master brewers. Settle down by the fire with a chocolatey stout or a foamy porter in the wintertime, or attend a fall festival to enjoy a crisp Oktoberfest brew with friends. Celebrate spring with a light and aromatic IPA on a newly-opened, sunny patio or bask in the summer sun with sweet and refreshing blonde ale. Take a trip up or down the lakeshore to try out all of the season’s latest brews, and make your own beer tasting tour of West Michigan.

Big Lake Brewing Flight

Lake Michigan

Light and fizzy, dark and broody, or somewhere in between, Western Michigan distilleries offer a wide variety of original spirits and cocktail recipes to invigorate your taste buds. Experienced local distillers create specialty vodka, whiskey, brandy, bourbon, gin, and more with a mix of Michigan grains, fruits and botanicals. Connoisseurs as well as teetotalers can easily find a rich and flavorful cocktail to enjoy at the Western Michigan distilleries along the Beachtowns Beverage Trail. Take a tour of a distillery to see the secrets behind the spirits, and finish your tour with a spirit and cocktail tasting from a master mixologist. Try an authentic Michigan vodka mixed with homegrown cherry juice and seltzer for a refreshing summer kick, or a bold Michigan bourbon, neat, for a winter warm-up. Bring home an award-winning vodka, whiskey, or gin to create your own concoctions at home for friends any time of the year.

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