Beach Towns

Michigan beach towns along the west Michigan lakeshore, offer a relaxing, carefree getaway with miles of sandy Lake Michigan beaches, exciting attractions, fun events and fantastic sunsets.

Where the edge of Lake Michigan meets the Great Lakes State, seven West Michigan beach towns create the most beautiful vacation destinations in the Midwest. You donโ€™t have to go far to find your idyllic beach vacation, though many visitors come from across the nation to enjoy the best Lake Michigan beach towns. Seven Lake Michigan cities along the West Michigan Pike route, from St. Joseph at the bottom to the Silver Lake Sand Dunes at the top, create a wealth of scenic retreats to appeal to all tastes. Watching colorful sunsets over the waves, exploring historic lighthouses, sipping award-winning wines, and taking exciting trips across sapphire water or through emerald forests, Michigan beach towns offers a hundred different ways to find your escape.

MI Beachtowns Motorized Leisure Map

Start Planning Your Lake Michigan Beach Vacation

Our guide to Michigan Beachtowns makes it easy to plan your trip and find exactly what youโ€™re looking for along the West Michigan shoreline.