Discover Spring Hiking in Southwest Michigan!

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As winter gradually loosens its grip and nature awakens with renewed vigor, Southwest Michigan beckons outdoor enthusiasts to explore its stunning landscapes through invigorating hikes. With the arrival of spring, the region bursts into life. From magnificent Lake Michigan dunes to lush forests, Southwest Michigan promises unforgettable journeys for adventurers of all levels.

Let’s delve into the best hiking locations, sights to see, and essential tips for making the most of your spring hiking experience. Adventure awaits in this charming corner of the Great Lakes State.


Spring hiking in Southwest Michigan promises an array of captivating sights. From vibrant wildflowers carpeting the forest floor to migratory birds soaring overhead, every step offers a beautiful encounter with nature. Keep an eye out for trilliums, jack-in-the-pulpits, morel mushrooms, dogwood, and redbud blossoms. Listen for the trills and calls of redwing blackbirds, robins, warblers, seagulls, and spring peeper frogs as they herald the arrival of spring. Visit a railroad garden or hunt for sculptures.

The rhythmic lapping of waves against sandy beaches along the lakeshore provides a soothing soundtrack to accompany your hike. Challenge yourself and your hiking partners to a rigorous climb up giant dunes where you can see the incredible beauty of Lake Michigan for miles. Comb the shore for rocks, fossils, driftwood, and beach glass. Always make time to stay and watch a breathtaking sunset paint the sky in hues of gold and pink, casting a spell of enchantment over the landscape. It’s magical.

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Located along Lake Michigan’s southeastern shore, Warren Dunes State Park boasts some of the region’s highest dunes, dense woodlands, and panoramic Lake Michigan views. Trails wind through diverse ecosystems, offering insights into the ecological processes shaping the dunes. This state park is also one of Southwest Michigan’s favorite places to bring your leashed dog on marked trails and a designated beach.


Warren Woods State Park transforms into a wonderland each spring. It offers the unique opportunity to hike through Michigan’s last virgin beech-maple forest. April and May are the best months to see trilliums blanket the forest floor and to watch for migratory birds nesting in the tall trees. This wooded state park is an ideal spot for wildlife photography.


With its dunes, beaches, and quiet woodlands, Grand Mere State Park is a spring haven for outdoor enthusiasts. Lupines, violets, and wild geraniums cover the landscape. The park is also on an ancient migratory bird route so expect to see raptors, shorebirds, and songbirds as they wing their way north.


Harbor Shores Nature & Fitness Trail System offers 12 miles of urban hiking fun. The paved trails take you through the Harbor Shores Golf Course, along the Paw Paw River, Ox Creek, and the St. Joseph River, across wetlands, and up the dunes for a mesmerizing view of Lake Michigan and the historic North Pier Lighthouse.

The trail system’s six loops offer food and beverage destinations along the way and easy access to the Benton Harbor Arts District. If you hope to spot wildlife along the trails, the best times are in the early morning and evening.


This wonderful nature center has eight miles of trails meandering through its 1000 acres. Hike along the Paw Paw River bluffs for great views of the river valley below. Follow the boardwalks to observation platforms in the floodplain to see spring awakening in the wetlands. Watch for wildlife emerging from their habitats in the wet forests, cattail marshes, shrub carrs, and even a unique alkaline wetland called a fen. Sign up for guided birdwatching hikes to spot some of the over 300 bird species that call this preserve home. See it all without getting your feet wet!


Love Creek County Park features six miles of hiking trails that take you through a variety of habitats, including a mature beech-maple forest with spectacular spring wildflowers. Watch for white-tailed deer and their fawns, and bring binoculars and a bird guidebook or phone app to identify the numerous birds that flock to this 200-acre natural area.


This picturesque park is on the east bank of the St. Joseph River. Its mile-long loop trail goes through pine and oak forests to a river bluff observation tower. You can also walk playing the 18-hole disc golf course.


The Galien River County Park gets high ratings from foot and wheelchair hikers. First, choose between hiking on two wheelchair-accessible boardwalks or a non-ADA-approved dirt and gravel trail.

The 300-ft. canopy walkway is a thrill for all ages. The ADA-accessible boardwalk takes you above the treetops to a 60-ft.-high marsh overlook. Or hike a 600-ft.-long boardwalk to a fishing platform where you can catch steelhead, rock bass, largemouth bass, and freshwater drum.

From either boardwalk, you can spot turtles, waterfowl, deer, and other marshland animals. Your best time to see wildlife is early morning and early evening.

The third trail is a 1.4-mile loop through the woods, edged by steep ravines, to the wetlands and river. It is not ADA-accessible.


Fernwood Botanical Garden and Nature Preserve is one of Southwest Michigan’s most treasured river hikes. It boasts meticulously curated gardens, wildflower-strewn woodlands, a pond, a water mill, a railroad garden, and St. Joseph River views. Spring blooms include daffodils, tulips, fragrant herbs, and wild cherry blossoms. Buzzing bees and flitting butterflies contribute to the ever-changing spring views.


A local favorite, Ross Coastal Plain Marsh Preserve has three of the highest quality coastal plain marshes in Michigan, a rare find in the Great Lakes region. As you explore more than five miles of trails, you are likely to encounter reptiles and amphibians around the coastal plain marshes and small ponds. Watch for elusive mammals such as red fox, coyote, and many of the 100 bird species known to nest in the preserve’s shrubs and trees.

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Southwest Michigan has launched a new challenge to get you to lace up your boots and hit our gorgeous trails this spring. Download the Visit Southwest Michigan app to get started and play. Then visit five different trails in Southwest Michigan. Take a selfie by the trailhead and upload it to the app. The first 100 people to complete the challenge will earn prizes. Get all the Trails Challenge details here – then have fun!



Check the weather forecast and dress in layers. Pack essentials such as water, snacks, sunscreen, a cell phone, a basic first aid kit, a compass or GPS device, and a map from the trailhead or a copy of the Southwest Michigan Trail Guide.


Spring weather can bring unpredictable conditions such as mud, snowmelt, and swollen streams. Check trail conditions beforehand and be prepared for any obstacles you may encounter along the way.


Springtime is prime tick season, so take precautions to protect yourself from tick bites. They like shady, moist areas. Wear long sleeves and pants and use insect repellent containing DEET.

Stay on paved or well-groomed trails. Avoid contact with high grass, brush, and any ground that is covered with fallen leaves. Perform regular tick checks during and after your hike and remove them promptly if you find any on you, your children, or pets. For more advice, download this helpful guide.


Stick to designated trails to protect fragile ecosystems. Refrain from disturbing wildlife, especially spring babies. Leave no trace behind and dispose of trash and pet waste responsibly.

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After exploring one or more scenic trails, extend your stay. Discover the region’s arts and craft-beverage scene. Indulge in the culinary delights of local restaurants, savoring farm-to-table cuisine made with local, seasonal produce, delicious fish and meats, and mouthwatering artisanal desserts. Find the latest spring fashions and home decor in quaint downtowns and boutique shops. Take a sweetly scented blossomtime tour through our orchards and vineyards.

Stay over at one of our amenity-filled hotels with affordable spring rates. You will awaken relaxed and rejuvenated for more outdoor adventures tomorrow.

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A Travel Team Guide to Fun Activities in Southwest Michigan

Family on the dunes in grand mere state park

Are you getting ready to participate in an exciting sport or robotics tournament in Southwest Michigan? Welcome!

Here’s a guide to what our competition-loving region has to offer.


Watching tournament action all weekend can be boring for children who come along for the trip. Here are some places you can give them a break.

Lincoln Township Park Splash Pad


Choose your favorite hand-carved animal figure or chariot on the Silver Beach Carousel and go for a spin around the Carousel House. There is an assortment of family-friendly activities, including interactive exhibits, a well-stocked refreshment stand and gift shop, and free games that will delight toddlers to grandparents. It rightfully boasts of being the happiest place in Southwest Michigan!


You can fill an hour or more at these hands-on learning centers geared toward toddlers to pre-teens. The children’s museum is on the bluff in downtown St. Joseph, and the Discovery Zone is below the bluff in the Silver Beach Center. The biggest challenge will be pulling your kids away from all the interactive fun.


Directly across the road from the Silver Beach Center is the FREE Whirlpool Compass Fountain, open from May to early September. The 200 ft. diameter fountain sprays water 30+ ft. in the air and has water cannons that run every 15 minutes. More water fun is available at three St. Joseph beaches — Silver BeachLions Park Beach and Tiscornia Park Beach. There are also a variety of other family-friendly parks in the area, even one with a skate park.


If you’re looking for a place where your restless toddler can play while you stay caffeinated — leave the game and go to The Little Things Play Cafe. This safe indoor play space includes wooden climbing structures and centers that nurture imagination. If other parents of young children are on your team, invite them to come with you to sip locally sourced-coffee and chat while your kids play close by.


This is Southwest Michigan’s newest splash pad. It is 1,854 sq. ft. and includes zones for toddlers, families, and older kids. Water blasters, a frog sprinkler, and two interactive spraying flowers keep children squealing with unabashed delight. Check out these other Southwest Michigan splash pads near your tournament.


Each of your children will find a fun activity they will love to do at Hidden Pointe. There is an exciting 18-hole miniature golf course, Eddie Cole’s Jumpshot Basketball, batting cages, arcades, and go-karts on a unique 100-foot banked track. They also have a large event venue that is ideal for team parties.


If your tournament is near Dowagiac, Sprague’s Family Fun Farm is the place to bring your restless fans from July to October. Show your kids where their fruits and vegetables come from and let them taste the just-picked flavor difference. In the fall there are hayrides, one of the area’s most amazing corn mazes, a big pumpkin patch, and lots of on-the-farm fun.

girls team huddle sports softball baseball youth sports


Even the smallest team players can have voracious appetites after a day of tournament action. Many Southwest Michigan restaurants and caterers can feed your group with ease. Several other popular family restaurants around St. Joseph can host your group with advance notice. They include Silver Beach Pizza,  Clementine’s TooThe BuckAzul TequilaMark III Grille & Bar, and Round Barn Brewery & Public House.

Your team and families will especially have fun at these three places that combine good times with delicious food.

  • Nardo’s Pizza in downtown St. Joseph has spacious seating within eyesight of an arcade room. Their five-star-rated pizzas are the only way to entice your pinball wizards to stop playing.
  • Peat’s Cider Social in Stevensville has bowling lanes, an arcade room, popular local food trucks Friday through Sunday, plus beverages for the kids and hard ciders and meads for the adults.
  • Staymaker at Journeyman Distillery gets high marks for serving healthy options for a range of dietary needs and following earth-friendly food practices. Another stand-out reason to come is Welter’s Folly, an 18-hole putting green considered one of the 10 largest in the world. It’s fun for the whole team, but coaches and team parents especially enjoy playing while sipping Journeyman’s renowned distilled spirits.


There are so many fun things to see and do in Southwest Michigan as a team or as a family. Plan to come a day or two early or extend your stay after the tournament ends. Besides going to the suggestions above, these activities bring you closer together as a team and family.

Two people exploring Bear Cave.


North Pier Lighthouses & South Pier | St. Joseph

Southwest Michigan’s two most iconic lighthouses are on the North Pier, accessible from Tiscornia Park. There is the black and white outer lighthouse and the red and white inner lighthouse. Both are over 100 years old and are no longer in active service.

When Lake Michigan is calm you can walk out the pier to see both lights up close. Self-guided and guided tours are available from Memorial Day to Labor Day Weekend.

You can reach the South Pier from Silver Beach County Park. Both piers are popular places to fish, watch Great Lake freighters and private boats, and see spectacular sunsets. In the winter, when conditions are just right, the piers, lighthouses, and catwalks become majestic, jaw-dropping beautiful ice formations. It’s unforgettable.

Bear Cave | Buchanan

Explore West Michigan’s only cavern, formed over 10,000 years ago by glacial drift. With its fascinating geological formations and historical lore, Bear Cave offers a rare adventure.

Eden Springs Park | Benton Harbor

Experience the charm of yesteryear with miniature train rides at Eden Springs Park! Restored by dedicated volunteers, these original House of David steam and gasoline engines pull passenger cars through the park’s historic landscape. Eden Springs is open on Saturdays and Sundays in the summer and for special event rides on weekends leading up to Halloween and Christmas.

Lake Arvesta Farms | South Haven

Embark on an outdoor adventure at Lake Arvesta Farms! Swim, challenge each other on the floating obstacle course, and fly down the water slides, kayak, and paddle board. Throughout the year, play outdoor or indoor pickleball on an 18-hole disc golf course. This is an especially fun place to bring school-aged kids and teens.

Michigan Flywheelers Museum | South Haven

One of the easiest places to go back in time is the Michigan Flywheelers Museum. This is a great place to introduce your kids to the history of rural America. See vintage farm equipment and take a self-guided tour through Olde Town.

group kayaking down river during summer family kayak


Beach Day at Warren Dunes State Park

Soak up the sun in Sawyer at one of Michigan’s most popular beaches. Race down giant dunes, swim, build sandcastles, hike, or play beach volleyball. The dunes are a great workout if you sandboard in the warm months and snowboard in winter. If you bring your team’s four-legged mascot, there’s a dog beach for romping on the sand and in the water.

Kayak or paddle board scenic rivers and Lake Michigan

One of the most memorable and fun outings is group paddles on Southwest Michigan rivers, inland lakes, and Lake Michigan. Hook up with one of the rental services in St. Joseph, New Buffalo, Dowagiac, and South Haven. Bring your kayaks or SUPs and expand your water trail options.

Hike dozens of trails 

It’s easy to find a hiking trail near your lodgings. Hike through woods, orchards, and vineyards, over bogs and wetlands, through prairies, across beaches, tree-top high boardwalks, and along scenic lakeshores and rivers.

Challenge each other at fun centers

Besides Hidden Pointe listed above, the St. Joseph area is home to two other popular family fun centers. Bring the team or your family to:

  • Slackers Family Fun Center in Stevensville is open seven days a week and will keep your kids hopping between laser tag, laser maze, bounce houses, arcade video games, pool tables, mining and so much more.
  • Captain Mike’s Fun Park in Bridgman is your summer destination for go-karts, junior go-karts, 18-hole miniature golf, bumper cars, bumper boats, water cannons, jump shot basketball, water wars, batting cages, an arcade room, and “The Captain’s Galley” Snack Bar!

Visit a farm or market

Southwest Michigan is renowned for its century-old family farms and markets where you can handpick in-season strawberries, blueberries, cherries, peaches, apples, pumpkins, and much more. Or bring home ready-picked favorites, plus jams, pies, salsas, and more from their markets. Several offer weekend harvest events in the fall with hayrides, games, and corn mazes.

A fun side trip is to tour Shuler Dairy Farm in Baroda on Tuesday through Sunday afternoons. Watch them robotically milk the cows, see calves and a bull, learn more about innovative farming technology, and, perhaps best of all, eat fresh ice cream.

Go shopping in downtown St. Joseph

This pedestrian-friendly, lake resort downtown has free nearby parking and sidewalks. This makes it easy to explore their blocks of toy and book stores, ice cream and candy shops, boutiques, trendy clothing stores, home decor shops, restaurants, craft wine and beer tasting rooms and so much more.

Sail a tall ship on Lake Michigan 

In so many ways, this is the ultimate adventure. Hop aboard the replica tall ship Friends Good Will in South Haven. Choose for day sails, adventure sails, and sunset sails. Or see the Big Lake from St. Joseph’s Tall Ship MJ. This vintage wooden schooner is available for daily sailing excursions, private events, and special group programs.

Play outside in winter

If you are in Southwest Michigan for a winter sporting tournament, there’s plenty of fun to enjoy during your extended stay. Several of our parks offer snowshoeing, fat tire biking, and cross-country skiing. Go ice skating or play ice bumper cars indoors at The Garden Ice Arena (open year-round) or skate outdoors at these area rinks. Skate rentals and concessions are available at both.

Downhill skiers and snowboarders can get thrills at Swiss Valley Ski and Snowboard Area in Jones. While it has challenging slopes for intermediate-level skiers and snowboarders, it is best known for its beginner lessons and experiences.

Before you finalize your plans, check out these other winter bucket list ideas.

Let us help you plan your stay

We’d like to help make some of your travel team’s best memories in Southwest Michigan. Please give us the details of your upcoming event for your group of 10 or more. We will reach out to area hotels, restaurants, entertainment sites, and services, then provide you with choices that will enhance your plans and fit your budget.

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St. Joseph Winter Beer Fest

group of people at a winter beer festival in st. joseph michigan

With the St. Joseph Winter Beer Fest happening soon (Sat. January 27, 2024 ), I thought I would share some tips on how to have the most fun at the event.


  • The first and most important thing to consider for the event is, how are you getting home. Be sure to plan, designate a driver who will not drink alcohol, have a friend or family member come to pick you up, or hire someone to get you home safely. If you are traveling from out of town, there are many great lodging options nearby.
  • Learn about the breweries and their beers before the event. Many of the breweries at this event are from Southwest Michigan and they all have unique beers and brewing techniques. To learn about the breweries in our area visit the Makers Trail website.
  • Dress for warmth and comfort. Wear comfortable shoes, and a warm jacket, and bring a hat and gloves if needed.
  • Take notes about the beers you try. This way you will be able to remember which beers you enjoyed after the event is over.
  • Be sure to eat a meal before going and do not pre-drink. Starting with an empty stomach will lead to a short and unpleasant day at the event.
  • Eat! Many people who attend beer festivals wear a string of pretzels, cheese, and meat sticks to snack on. Pretzels can also help refresh your palate between beers. There are also plenty of restaurants downtown to stop in for lunch.
group of people at a winter beer festival in st. joseph Michigan
Group of people at a winter beer festival in st. joseph Michigan
  • Be sure to drink water. It’s important to keep yourself hydrated.
  • Pace yourself. Take time to taste and enjoy the beer and know your limits. It’s great to sample and taste new flavors but be cautious about how much you are drinking. Please don’t overdo it.
  • Keep an open mind and try new breweries and kinds of beer. It is worthwhile to sample beers you generally do not like; you might be surprised by how different similar-sounding beers can be when made by different breweries. If you don’t like the taste, you don’t have to finish it, try something else.
group of people at a winter beer festival in st. joseph michigan
Group of people at a winter beer festival in sSt joseph Michigan

Enjoy the time with friends and make new friends. Discuss the beers and the breweries, learn from others, and ask questions.

  • Don’t rush home. . . Relax and enjoy the local shops, restaurants, and coffee before leaving.

These are good tips to keep in mind for the other upcoming beer, wine, and spirits events coming up, as well.


Escape the Chaos and Embrace Tranquility with a Southwest Michigan Staycation

Escape the ordinary and rediscover the beauty of your backyard with a Southwestern Michigan winter staycation.

Amidst the hustle and bustle of daily life, it’s easy to overlook the tranquil treasures that lie just beyond our doorsteps. A rejuvenating break doesn’t have to involve venturing far and wide; sometimes, all it takes is a change of perspective and a willingness to embrace the wonders closer to home.

Thousands flock to Southwest Michigan each year for a taste of its vibrant charm. But why should that experience be reserved for visitors? As locals, we often miss out on the very gems that draw travelers from across the globe.

Embark on a refreshing escape without leaving your backyard. Here’s your guide to a Southwestern Michigan winter staycation filled with relaxation, adventure, and rediscovery.

What is a staycation?

A staycation isn’t just a trendy term; it’s a gateway to self-indulgence and a chance to savor the simple pleasures of home—all without the hefty price tag of a traditional vacation. Embrace this budget-friendly escape and discover the joy of rejuvenation within your neighborhood.

St. Joseph hotel

Escape the Chaos and Embrace Tranquility with a Southwest Michigan Staycation

In the hustle and bustle of modern life, finding moments of true relaxation at home can be a challenge. The kitchen table doubles as a makeshift desk, the kids clamor for outdoor adventures after school, and the looming pile of cleaning chores casts a shadow over any attempt at respite. Sometimes, the allure of a rejuvenating escape far outweighs the comforts of home.

Southwest Michigan beckons with its tranquil havens, where someone else takes care of the bed-making and bathroom cleaning, allowing you to unwind and reconnect with yourself. No need to endure the tiresome drive or the incessant chorus of “Are we there yet?” echoing from the backseat.

The charm of Southwest Michigan remains timeless, but our hotel options have evolved to match the modern traveler’s needs. Several newer hotels have graced the region, many of which pamper guests with complimentary breakfast. For families seeking extra space, connected suites offer a haven for both parents and children, ensuring peaceful nights and harmonious days.

Depending on your chosen retreat, you’ll enjoy an array of amenities designed to enhance your stay. Onsite restaurants offer culinary delights, while stunning vistas provide a backdrop for tranquil moments. Art galleries stimulate the mind, while spas soothe the body. For those seeking adventure, trails beckon for exploration, and bike rentals await.

Let someone else handle the mundane tasks while you indulge in rejuvenation and rediscovery. Your mind, body, and spirit will thank you.

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St Joseph Events

Hotels with Swimming pools

Since it’s too cold to take a dip in Lake Michigan, you and your kids can always make a splash in a hotel pool!

The following hotels in Stevensville/ Benton Harbor/ St. joseph that have onsite pools:

  • Best Western
  • Comfort Suites – Benton Harbor
  • Comfort Suites – Stevensville
  • Country Inn & Suites
  • Courtyard by Marriott
  • Fairfield Inn & Suites
  • Hampton Inn & Suites – Benton Harbor
  • Hilton Garden Inn – Benton Harbor/ St. Joseph
  • Holiday Inn Express Hotel & Suites – St. Joseph
  • Inn at Harbor Shores
  • SpringHill Suites
  • Super 8
  • SureStay Plus by Best Western
  • tru by Hilton

Grab a bite to eat

Speaking of food, take a breather from your kitchen on this staycation. Try exploring the many food establishments at your disposal in our area. There is a cuisine for everyone, including barbecue, classic American eats, seafood, and farm-to-table meals. If you have a staple favorite nearby, indulge! Just make sure to jump out of your comfort zone and go somewhere new, too. Not to overwhelm you, but you can’t go wrong with the food here. Here are a wealth of options.

Several of our restaurants have igloos and warm outdoor seating options, so you can still enjoy the fresh air and a view, too.


Staycation ideas for the family

Sometimes it’s hard to find something everyone will like. Not here! There is plenty of room to roam and plenty to do across it.

Play in the snow outside

You can build snow castles at the beaches, fat tire bike several trails, watch the stars at Dr. T.K. Lawless International Dark Sky Park, run on the snowy dunes, or hike — and that’s just the start of it. Explore the fresh-air hotspots with our trail guides and park guide. When you’re ready for something extreme, stop by Swiss Valley Ski & Snowboard Area to hit the slopes. Or race down the 400-foot, icy tubing lanes under the night sky at Five Pines.

Explore our history and culture

If outdoor recreation isn’t your thing, no worries. Your local corner of the mitten has several tours and attractions for history buffs and curious souls. ARS Gallery & Culture Center in the Benton Harbor Arts District is just one place of many where you can find curated gallery exhibits showcasing national and regional talent, plus fun classes. The Arts District is also home to delicious restaurants, The Livery Brewery, entertainment, sculptures, and murals. Krasl Art Center in St. Joseph offers rotating galleries, sculpture tours of the area, plus classes and take-home art kits for you and your children.

The History Center in Berrien Springs can give you some background information you might not know about the area you live in. It is home to the 1839 county courthouse, the oldest of its kind in Michigan! Speaking of history, stop down by the Silver Beach Carousel. Here, you’ll find artifacts from Silver Beach Amusement Park. This isn’t the original carousel, but this decade-old version is magnificent and features replicas of six of the horses from the 1910 original. The hardest thing is picking which of the 48 hand-carved figures and two chariots (one is wheelchair accessible) to ride while listening to the band organ play the happiest music in Southwest Michigan.

Other local favorites to take the kiddos include Curious Kids’ Museum Discovery Zone and Eden Springs Park with its December holiday train rides.

Perhaps you plan to see a play, give one of these art classes a crack, or visit a museum. While you’re at it, play some Creative Connections. Visiting any of the participating places will earn you a stamp. Read more about the prizes for the levels at the link above.


Staycation ideas for adults and couples

Are you going on a solo staycation? Getting some time away with your significant other or some close friends? Hit the Makers Trail and visit some of the 30-plus local wineries, breweries, cideries, and distilleries. You can also download a free Makers Trail passport online to gather a few stamps from September to April each year. Collect 10 stamps by visiting 10 makers and you’ll win $15 toward any Makers Trail destination. Ten more stamps get you a Makers Trail t-shirt and 30 earns you a Makers Trail hoodie. To learn more and plan your route, visit the website above.

Makers Trail Flight

Start planning your perfect staycation

Leave the planning to us! Enjoy this detailed Culture and Romance Tour through Southwest Michigan. If you still need some ideas while planning your staycation, check out our itinerary page! We have 12 itineraries that are geared towards specific plans. Whether you want to bring along your dog, focus just on food or simply get some fresh air the whole time, we have an itinerary for you.

What are you waiting for? Get planning!