Planning the Perfect South Haven Vacation: Accommodations are Key

Everyone loves a good vacation: the break from routine that lets us escape into what we long for, whether it be rest and relaxation, adventure, special moments with family and friends or expanding our view of the world.

With quiet charm, festive nightlife, stunning scenery and maritime culture, South Haven offers it all. What you can do depends solely on your desire. To complete your perfect vacation with us, you need only match your accommodations with your goals for your time here.

Types of Lodging in South Haven

South Haven has unique places to stay you won’t find anywhere else. We’ll start with a basic review of where you can stay according to your plans.

Bed & Breakfasts

Visitors who wish for a warm, peaceful at-home atmosphere will appreciate our South Haven bed & breakfasts (B&Bs). Our B&Bs are popular with couples (as most are adult-only), as well as with travelers seeking one-of-a-kind rooms and décor.

The Last Resort: Browse your choice of South Haven’s bed & breakfasts

Usually located in historic homes with vintage or antique furnishings, B&Bs have guest rooms with common areas (e.g. living and dining rooms, gardens). Owners typically live on or near the property. Included as part of the stay, breakfast ranges from continental fare to sumptuous home-cooked meals.

A delicious, home-cooked breakfast at the Victoria Resort

Inns & Resorts

Inns and resorts are either operated by the owner or run by an innkeeper or a manager who often lives at the property. Larger than most B&Bs, they typically include more rooms, and some serve both breakfast and dinner. Often, there will be family-friendly scheduled activities at the resorts.

Sleepy Hollow Resort: Learn more about South Haven’s inns and resorts

Cottage, Condos & Vacation Rentals

If you’ll be staying in South Haven for several days to a week or more, you might consider renting one of our cottages, condos or vacation homes. A rental can offer you the comforts of your own space and amenities. Because of their greater size and privacy, rentals also are particularly popular for those traveling in a group or as a multi-generational family.

Discover more about South Haven’s rental properties, condos & cottages

Hotels & Motels

With close proximity to the highway, many appreciate the consistency of a national brand hotel. With convenient access to services and amenities, a South Haven hotel is an excellent choice at a great price point that may suit both your plans and your budget.

Find the right South Haven hotel or motel for you

If basic comforts for a lower price are all you need, a South Haven motel can be the way to go. Motels are often ideal for those who might be on a stricter budget or intend to be out and about a bit more. Formed from the phrase “motorist’s hotel,” they also often provide ample parking for vehicles and close proximity to highways.

Camping Cabins

Will you be visiting South Haven to experience the great outdoors? Our camping cabins can be a way to stay where scenic beauty is all around you. Aside from being economical, camping cabins connect you to South Haven’s nature and wildlife.You’re beyond the bustle of town but still close enough to enjoy the beach, a day of shopping or a night of dining and strolling if you choose.

The Willow Room at the Kal-Haven Outpost’s camping cabins: Find out more about South Haven’s camping cabins

Other Lodging Considerations

You may already know which type of lodging will be best for your next perfect South Haven vacation, as well as your budget for it. The following ideas will help you further zero in on the right accommodations.

  • Know your companions’ needs and preferences, especially if you’ll be traveling with children or seniors. Consider whether they’ll need convenient access to stores, medical centers, and child or senior care. Family entertainment and activities might be factors as well.
  • Make a list of where you’ll want to spend time. It is important that your lodging be central to your destinations?
  • Factor in food. Will your budget allow for dining out often at South Haven’s restaurants, or will you want to buy groceries and prepare your own meals? Perhaps you’re in a position to mix both. Beyond the time you plan to enjoy in South Haven, food might influence your choice of quarters.

We love helping you find your escape in our beautiful beach town on Lake Michigan. If you have further questions about South Haven lodging, please call us at (800) 764-2836.


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