The Fish Monger’s Wife

Fish Monger chalkboard sign

The winter ice has melted from the lakes of Muskegon County. There will soon be blooming daffodils, robin sightings…and a lot more fishing!

Another welcome sign of Spring is the anticipated re-opening of The Fish Monger’s Wife.

The Fish Monger’s Wife celebrates the tradition of America’s First Industry – Commercial Fishing. Owners Amber Mae and Eric opened the Norton Shores business in 2010 when their first child was born. This regional Fish Market specializes in smoked and fresh Great Lakes whitefish. The whitefish are caught by Eric and his family, who have commercially fished Lake Michigan since 1927.The Fish Monger’s Wife Rain Boots

The Fish Monger’s Wife Six Weathered Fishing Buoys Lined Up Against Wall in Shades of Red, Orange and Yellow

Ken Fischang, a former Convention and Visitors Bureau Director for Saugatuck-Douglas and Sonoma County (CA), recently moved back to Michigan. During a visit to Muskegon last year, Ken stumbled upon The Fish Monger’s Wife. He was smitten with the charm, history and quality of the family business. So enthusiastic was Ken in relaying the discovery, we asked if he would write it down for us to share in a blog!

Here is what Ken had to say:

On a recent trip to Muskegon a roadside sign caught my eye as I was coming into town, it read “The Fish Monger’s Wife”.

For a guy who has “Fish” in his last name and grew up as an avid fisherman on a lake in the White Mountains of New Hampshire, I was intrigued. After my meeting concluded, I map quested my way to this wonderful place.

I was greeted by a sunlit interior with hardwood floors and bright skylights with a delicious display of smoked and fresh local fish.

The Fish Monger’s Wife Shop Interior

Behind the spotless,shining counter was the smiling Fish Monger’s Wife herself, the delightful Amber Mae Petersen.

The Fish Monger’s Wife on the Phone at Desk with Plants and Items for Sale Surrounding Here. Sunlit Windows Behind Her. The first words she spoke after welcoming me to her shop were music to my ears,

“Would you like to sample anything?” “Would I ever!” I enthusiastically replied.

The Fish Monger’s Wife Chalkboard with Showing Available Fish I tried a variety of smoked whitefish, salmon, lake trout, homemade fish sausage and something I had never had before, smoked Cisco. Amber explained that Cisco was a freshwater herring from the great lakes. She also told me how her family has been fishing the great lakes for more than ninety years. The Fish Monger’s Wife Family Photos of Fishermen

She started selling their fresh fish only at local farmers markets. Then they added smoked fish using a traditional saltwater brine and 100% wood fired smokehouse- just like her great Grandpa Ben and Great Grandma Oral Petersen did many years ago. Smoked Great Lake Whitefish

This multi-generational family run business is a treasure for anyone who enjoys fresh, local seafood. They also offer discounts on different amounts of bulk purchases as part of their Seasonal Whitefish program varying from the Little Fish package (10 pounds of fillets) to the Monger package (35 pounds of fillets). Additionally, with a minimum of 10 pounds of Whitefish, you are eligible for special sale prices on Lake Trout, Lake Perch, Smelt and Ground Fish which is Whitefish, Lake Trout and combo mixes to use in place of ground turkey or chicken. Amber features some ‘fishalicious” recipes on her website as well.

The Fish Monger’s Wife Smiling Man in Stocking Cap, Flannel Shirt and Sunglasses holding Tray of Freshly Smoked Great Lakes Whitefish

This place brings back fun images of my mother as she has often raised her right hand and pledged,

“My name is Peg and I am a Fishaholic!”

The Fish Monger’s Wife Man in Grey Stocking Hat and Orange Fishing Overalls holding Tray of Freshly Smoked Great Lakes Whitefish

Mark your calendar for Wednesday, March 28th; visit The Fish Monger’s Wife and have a delicious taste of Muskegon’s fishing history.

The Fish Monger’s Wife

2127 West Sherman Blvd.

Muskegon, MI 49441